About Us

The Badagara Co-operative Rural Bank Ltd. was established in 1946 and registered under co-operative societies act. The Bank head quartered at Vadakara in Kozhikode District, has 15 fully computerized branches including Head quarter office. Apart from the banking business, the bank runs 6 ration retails depots, Neethi store, Neethi medical store, Neethi Medical Lab, Agricultural Nursery etc. Area of operation of the Bank consists of The Vatakara Muncipal Corporation and 14 panchayaths.

The origin of the Bank can be traced back to the Second World War. By the end of the Second World War the poor section of the society faced a severe economic crisis. The scarcity of food grains and the practice of black-marketing both added to the miserable life of the public. At that time “Kerala Gandhi” Sri. K.Kelappan asked his colleagues in Malabar to form Societies consisting of producers and consumers (P.C.C. Societies) for the procurement and distribution of food grains. There were 107 such P.C.C. Societies covering the whole of the erstwhile Malabar District . In vatakara prominent freedom fighter Late M.Krishnan was authenticated to lead the movement. With the help of his like minded colleagues viz V.Assankutty Haji, M.Narayana Kurup, A.Chathu Master etc he formed The Badagara PCC Society in 1946. Under his eminent leadership, the society attained remarkable success in supplying food gains to public through 130 ration shops.

After the establishment of Statutory Rationing System in kerala, procurement and distribution of food grains came under the direct control of the Government. As a result, In 1956 August The Badagara PCC Society was converted as  “The Badagara Co-operative Rural Bank Ltd.

Now the Badagara Co-operative Rural Bank is a Class 1 Supergrade Bank, which has been declaring dividend since 1956. The bank has more than 15000 active members.

Our Services

Apart from the banking business bank runs 6 Ration retail shops, Neethi Medicals, Neethi Medical lab and Neethi Stores besides for providing agricultural inputs at reasonable rates to members, bank runs ‘Sahakarana Karshika Nursery’.


From 1946 to 1990 the Managing Committee of the bank was presided by Late Sri.M Krishnan great freedom fighter and former MLA of Vadakara Constituency. After his demise the committee was presided by various eminent leaders Late Sri. K.K. Kannan Master, Late Sri. C.Balan, Sri. E.P Damodharan master, Adv. M.K Premnath, Adv. E.M. Balakrishnan, Sri. C. Bhaskaran Master. Now the committee is presided by Sri. A.T. Sreedharan.

Board Of Directors

Sri A. T. Sreedharan


Sri P. P. Chandrashekaran

Vice President

Sri C. Bhaskaran


Adv. E. M. Balakrishnan


Sri Soman Muthuvana


Sri K.M.Vasu


Sri C.Kumaran


Sri A K.Sreedharan


Sri K.T.Surendhran


Smt Alice Vinod


Smt P. M. Leena


Smt A. P. Sathi


Sri K.P. Pradeep Kumar